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We are much more than an esports competition, we share with our participants our passion for the skies and and the love for flying, offering them a world-class esports championship making your flying experience the best it can be.

The esports air race is a world's first!

At a time when esports became the saviour for most traditional sports, A racing is still in its infancy. We plan to lead an ambitious project That will help in accelerating the growth of both Aerosports and Esports.

We are organising the world's first and only online aircraft racing championship under the following categories:

The Championship

the esports angle in air racing

Partnering with us will put you in front of a wide audience from india to around the world, as more people watch esports series than all world sport racing series put together. As a global platform, the esports air race carries athletes and brand exposure to the next level with a projected market reach of more than 1 billion views over the internet.

Esports Air race is projected to generate more than 500 jobs in its very first season for pilots as well as gamers to compete head on in a class of their own. With the potential to become the world's biggest phenomenon, which provides the perfect oppurtunity for both the athletes and the teams to venture out to. especially for brands stepping into the esports domain for the first time, as the national esports federation offers to facilitate and manage their teams and athletes.

Program Add-on Benefits

your chance to be a part of history in the making

When participating in the Esporta Air Race under the Managed Esports Program, the teams also get to capitalise on the following add-on programs initiated by the National Esports Federation relevant to the virtual Aerosports ecosystem.

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